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ByIDGTF Apr 24, 2017

Preview 2017: Celebrating LGBTQ Youth

Preview: Celebrating LGBTQ Youth We celebrate the challenges and triumphs of LGBTQ youth in 2017. From sexual awakening to the Leavin

ByIDGTF Apr 24, 2017

Festival Box Office Now Open 12-5pm

Bookings? Questions? With one week to go until the start of Festival 2017 our main Festival Box Office is now open across from the Spire: M

ByIDGTF Apr 10, 2017

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ByIDGTF Apr 9, 2017

Preview: Love, Desire and Hidden Passions at IDGTF 2017

As we uncover hidden desires and passions things are about to get very dramatic! Our heroes and heroines are exploring their deepest desires and

ByIDGTF Apr 3, 2017

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ByIDGTF Mar 30, 2017

IDGTF 2017 Preview: Celebrating You and Me

Let's Celebrate LGBT+ Identity in All Its Forms Join us on a whirlwind tour from the streets of modern New York and Dublin to Victorian London a