Festival 09 – Award Winners Announced

The 2009 Festival Award Winners are as follows:

Oscar Wilde Award – Best New Writing

Shaun Dunne – Killed by Curriculum
Matthew Landers – A Dog Called Redemption
Neal Utterbuck – A Picture of Dorian Gray
Fiona Coyne – Careful
Chris Craddock and Nathan Cuckow – Bash’d

Winner: Matthew Landers – A Dog Called Redemption

Micheal Mac Liammoir Award – Best Actor

Spencer Charles Noll as Donald/Stella – Lord Arthur’s Bed
Ian Dring as Old Pieter – The Iron Eyelashes
Graham Elwell Man 2 – A Dog Called Redemption
Ash Flanders Johnny – I Love You Bro
Hunter Gilmore – Break and The Adventures Of…

Winner: Spencer Charles Noll – Lord Arthur’s Bed

Eva Gore Booth Award – Best Actress

Claire Kissane as Eleanor Henryson – The Bird Sanctuary
Diane Wilson as Jean Baxter – Careful
Penny Mc Donald as Mrs Rutter – Care Takers
Lorna Quinn as Rua – Walnuts Remind Me of My Mother
Elizabeth Whitney as Wonder Woman – Wonder Woman the Musical

Winner: Diane Wilson – Careful

Intercultural Dialogue Award:

Chris Craddock, Nathan Cuckow and Aaron Macri – Bash’d
Shaun Dunne Killed By – Curriculum
Sudhum Teatro Spain – Silenciados
Matthew Landers – A Dog Called Redemption
New Thematical Dance Theatre Berlin – Tchaikovsky’s Wife

Winner Chris Craddock, Nathan Cuckow and Aaron Macfri – Bash’d

Hilton Edwards Award – Best Aspect of Production

Minor Gods – technical presentation and design
Silenciados – Sudhum Teatro Spain
Broken Nails – Anna Skubik Actress and Animator
Tschaikovsky’s Wife – visual presentation
A Picture of Dorian Gray – concept and direction

Winner: Silenciados Spain

Patrick Murray Award – Outstanding Contribution to Irish Gay Theatre

Winner: Outhouse


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