Date/Time: 16 May @ 16:00(Matinees); 11-16 May @ 21:00(Evenings);
Venue: THE TEACHERS CLUB (STUDIO) Category: Drama

It is a warm summer in the countryside in southern Sweden. Far away from the sounds of the crowded city, two men share a temporary residence. It is their last hour together and during a psychological and erotic power play, their criminal secrets are revealed while the thunder is heard in the distance.   

DURATION: 55 mins
COMPANY: Teater Dictat (Sweden)
WRITER: August Strindberg
DIRECTOR: Johan Svensson
CAST: Magdi Saleh, Johan Svensson
OTHER: Andreas Luukinen, producer

“With subtly choreographed homoeroticism and outbursts of raw body contact, they get Strindberg’s philosophically challenging writings to convey something new, exciting and provocative.” — Veronika Gustafson for Scenkonstguiden
“a partly provocative physical staging, where Johan Svensson and Magdi Saleh alternately snog and wrestle” — Lars Ring for Svenska Dagbladet

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